Declining Gun Culture

New Jersey has, for the most part, pretty effectively extinguished the culture of lawful and responsible gun ownership.  Most gun shops there have closed, along with most ranges.  Criminal gun ownership is still, of course, quite fashionable in the Garden State.  California is now heading down the same slippery slope.  Hunters and Shooters who don’t think any of this stuff matters, because they “aren’t coming after my gun” need to realize that the shooting sports are an ecosystem, and without the rest of us to keep it healthy, it dies.  They don’t need to come after anyone’s gun if there’s nowhere to buy them and nowhere to shoot.

2 thoughts on “Declining Gun Culture”

  1. CA officialdom is doing its best to disarm citizens through whatever means possible. The same technique is being used to force people off the roads, hassle them any possible way you can until they obey.

    The population is growing due to legal and illegal immigration, not people moving from other states. What does that tell you about the place?

    The state’s successes are in spite of its government and political class but it is headed downhill, just not “sustainable”.

    When I can, I will punch out and take my business with me. At some point it is just not worth fighting with the clowns anymore, life is too short.

  2. Poisoning the gun-culture ecosystem is the real reason behind the PSH regarding gunshows and the effort to ban all private party firearm transfers.

    Once upon a time the Great Western Gun Show, the largest gun show in the U.S., was based in the L.A. region of Calfornia and drew people from all over the nation to participate, driving up local business and tax revenue for the area. Now the Great Western is in Texas after being driven out quite deliberately by the anti-gun crusaders in California. Don’t let them do to your state what they have done to mine.

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