Brady Press Release About Omaha Shooting

They Brady’s seem to have quietly done their press release.  Not big push for donations, like after Virginia Tech.  The headline on the latest release is, “America Again Witnesses The Cost of Assault Weapons In Civilian Hands.”  Unfortunatly for the Brady Campaign, the SKS was never covered by the federal ban, and isn’t an assault weapon under any of the state bans that I’m aware of.  It’s certainly not an assault rifle, as it was not designed by Comrade Siminov to fire automatically.

I’m glad the Brady’s don’t seem to be exploiting this tragedy like they did Virginia Tech, but they are still misleading the American people as to the true nature of the firearms they are trying to demonize.  Paul wants to know where the rifle came from, well, it’s looking like the killer stole the rifle from his step father, probably because he’s prohibited from possessing a firearm under the law, and is unable to purchase one thanks to the, clearly very effective in this instance, background checks mandated by the Brady Act.  Maybe we need to make it illegal to steal a firea… oh wait.

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  1. CNN reports it was an AK-47
    FOX reports it was an SKS

    has anyone seen a photo of the gun?

  2. I think it should be illegal to murder people. That sounds like a bad thing to do. All of these “problems” will go away if we ban murder.

  3. CNN had been reporting it as an SKS then changed it to an AK-47 using 7.66 SKS ammo whatever the hell that meant. That’s gone now as well.

  4. Good news everybody, I just went over to my dad’s and churned out some 7.66mm ammo on his lathe. Gonna cram ’em into some old brass and try ’em out tonight in my AK-47 and SKS when I get home.

    If you don’t hear from me for a few days, come visit me in the hospital.

    P.S. Bring some booze.

  5. You’d think an anti-gun organization like the Brady campaign to take away guns would at least know what the difference is between a clip & a magazine. Love their line about “non-partisan” too – Left wing liberal anti-gun hoplophobes is a more appropriate description. :)


    “Surveillance video footage shows the gunman concealing something balled up in a hooded sweatshirt, Warren said. It is unclear whether the sweatshirt concealed the SKS assault rifle, similar in design and calibre to an AK-47, which was recovered at the scene.

    Warren said it appeared the gunman obtained the weapon from his stepfather, although checks on whether it was a legally owned firearm were still being be made.”

    If Dad knowingly lent his gun to a felon he’s in DEEEP shit But then again if he gets away with it, it won’t be the first time:

  7. It might have been one of those Chinese SKS pattern rifles with a detachable magazine.

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