Closing the Gun Show Loophole

This issue will be what the antis push the hardest in the future, because I think it’s the one goal they have that is probably most politically achievable.  But that’s not to say it’s going to be easy:

“Gun control is not an issue that any of these candidates wants to bring up right now,” Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute told ABC News the other day. “For the candidates, it’s a lose-lose.”

No, it’s not.  There is no serious grass roots movement in this country for gun control.  They can bring money to the table, they can bring media, but they can’t bring the most important thing; votes.  I did not point out this thread on the HuffPo about Obama’s endorsement by AHSA.  I wanted a chance to see how many gun control advocates actually turned out.  The answer was, not many.  Plenty of Obama and Democrat ra-ras, many of which were eagar to assure that Obama wouldn’t take away anyone’s guns, but very few people actually advocating for restrictions.  And this is a site full of the exact demographic who should be most in favor of restricting guns.  Where’s the passion?  If it wasn’t for the anti-gun groups hold on the media, no one would pay attention to them.  No one.  But back to the article:

“There are people who think engaging on this gun-show loophole is too much of a hot-button issue,” Clifford said. “I would suggest that the fact that the Baltimore Police Department seized almost 4,000 illegal guns last year shows it is a critical law-enforcement issue.”

And exactly how many of those guns traced back to gun shows?  I’m going to suggest that Sterling Clifford has absolutely no idea.  We can win on this one.  We can deliver passion, and we can deliver votes.  All they can deliver is lies and propaganda.

One Response to “Closing the Gun Show Loophole”

  1. mark says:

    I don’t believe the Baltimore police got anywhere close to 4000 illegal guns last year. I think Clifford is another “gun control” liar, making up numbers as he sees fit.

    Mr Clifford, show me the numbers! Show me the headlines!
    Can’t do it, can you, because they exist only iin your head.

    You must be very desperate to hang on to your gun-control advocate position -you might have to get a real job someday.