Colleges teach a lot of things these days …

… but apparently respect is not one of them.  Just because someone has the constitutional right to do something, doesn’t mean it ought to be done, and doesn’t mean I won’t call you an asshole for doing it.

You have to wonder if Mr. Art Project had to watch his friends getting shot and blown up, had to kill other human beings, and endure psychological stress beyond what most people imagine, all because he thought the piece of cloth disrespectful college kids so casually walk all over was worth all that, whether he might be able to put himself in a shoes of a veteran who had.  I’m not an advocate of legally mandated flag respect, but that doesn’t mean I think these kinds of people aren’t asshats.

3 Responses to “Colleges teach a lot of things these days …”

  1. gnbrotz says:

    The originator of this project is Susan Crane, a female. ie – Ms. Art Project

  2. The school and artists declared it a hoax late today. For the reasons why it was an acceptable hoax they gave the same reasons as the original project: it was to make people “think” Bah.