Shot of the Week

Silhouette tonight was so so.  I still can’t shoot pistol silhouette for crap.  But my number came up in shot of the week.  That’s where we write our name or membership number on a dollar bill, put it in the pot, and take chances that our dollar bill will be drawn.  If you hit shot of the week, you win.  If you miss, the money goes to the next week.  Last week someone missed. Mine had yet to come up, except for tonight.  The pot was 19 dollars.  The challenge is to shoot a 1/10th scale animal at 25 yards.  It’s about this size, depending on your screen resolution:

Roughly the size of a quarter, cut out into a chicken shape.  I hit it in the ass with open sights, much to my surprise, so I decided the 19 dollars would go toward beer money for the week.  That made up for shooting horribly in pistol.

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