First National Bank Hates Gun Owners?

Looks as if that car dealer who was giving away a gift certificate for a gun with the purchase of a car is getting jerked around by their bank.  I’m reserving judgement until more information comes out, but this doesn’t look good for FNB.

UPDATE: Cam Edwards says it’s the First National Bank of Kansas that Max Motors is talking about.  He’s going to call and get their side of the story on Monday.

4 thoughts on “First National Bank Hates Gun Owners?”

  1. I know there are many 1st National Banks around the country, and I’m 99.99% positive that the one Max Motors is having a problem with is not the same one that issues the NRA credit cards.

    I’ve got a call into Mark Muller to confirm that right now.

  2. Talked with Mark Muller… it’s the 1st National Bank of KANSAS that he’s referring to. On Monday I’ll call them and get their side of the story.

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