Pretty Much Looked Like a Gun Show

A fair article from the Tuscon Citizen.  I wish Philly media could be that balanced.

The pictures I couldn’t take would show:

  • It looked sort of like a craft show. There were leather belts, German helmets from World War II, polished stones, wood carvings and special handbags for women who carry guns.
  • It looked sort of like an Army surplus store, with bayonets, canteens, Samurai swords and even a box of disarmed grenades that could make panic-inducing paperweights.
  • It looked sort of like a convention of hunters, with lots of bright orange and camouflage.
  • But mostly it looked like a gun show
Yep.  Gun shows tend to look the same everywhere, and there’s not much else that’s like it.  I attended the Nations Gun Show last weekend at the Dulles Expo Center, and it looked pretty much the same as the ones in Pennsylvania.  In fact, I recognized a lot of the vendors from shows in PA.  Read the rest the article.

11 thoughts on “Pretty Much Looked Like a Gun Show”

  1. Ah, you mean the dangerous “Assault Sauce” that makes you spray fire from the colon? Those dealers in dangerous weapons should be licensed.

    Yep. Good stuff.

  2. I was at Dulles Friday and Saturday; sorry I missed you. Great display of Class-3 stuff. I bought a 10-mm Witness.

    Coolest thing I got was three boxes of white-tipped kitchen matches for $5, the kind you can strike with your thumbnail.

  3. One thing I found amusing was the guy selling body armor “Soon to be banned by federal government” I’ve seen seeing that at gun shows since I was 13. Guess the feds are still working on that one.

  4. Yeah, well, the sauce was good going down.

    And while it still requires a piece of steel to use properly, I definitely like the ligher I got at another gun show – a little cylinder of spark-producing material (flint, I guess?) super-glued to a cylinder of magnesium. Scrape off some magnesium into a little pile on something you want to ignite, toss a few sparks into it, and, well, you are just set.

  5. There’s a gun show here in Centre County next weekend (I think). Saw a sign for it. I hadn’t heard a word about it until I saw the sign.

  6. I do SOOO love the always present references to anything german and from WWII. It’s almost comedic, that is if the implied “gun owners are nazis” shit wasn’t so reprehensible.

  7. One thing the article did leave out about gun shows is that at EVERY SINGLE one of them, you will at some point, at least once, walk directly into someone’s rectal funk cloud and it will damn near knock you over.

    Ya’ll know what I’m talking ’bout.

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