I’m Number 4!

It’s not number one, but when you’re competing against that many shooters who are that good, you end up pretty happy with fouth in class in the latest March E-Postal match.  My fly swatting was good, ended up in a three way tie for second in that part.  Could have done better on the bullseyes.  I need to work on follow up shots.  Overall, I scored 7.  Mr. C. is a tough man to beat, and so is Merle.  Looks like JimmyB is going to be as well.  Gotta worry about Denise too, and then there’s Ahab, who didn’t shoot this match, but no doubt will shoot others.

3 thoughts on “I’m Number 4!”

  1. Yeah, being in Vegas and not having any firearms made shooting this match kind of difficult. I really haven’t been shooting for a couple of months, I’ve got to get out to the range and shake the rust off.

  2. I didn’t even try scoring my targets, since I didn’t feel like I did that well. In retrospect, I guess a 3 on the fly swatter was fairly common. I’ll have to go score mine again to see where I fit in the iron sights stuff.

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