Details on HB 1845

Amendments passed to HB 1845:

A06414 (GODSHALL) 202-0 Allows chiefs of police and police commissioners to be exempt from UFA requirements for purchasing firearms for official purposes
A06170 (HARPER) 159-44 Make it a crime to falsely report the loss or theft of a firearm.
A06346 (FAIRCHILD) 203-0 Extends Licenses to Carry expiration for deployed military personnel until 90 days until after return from duty.
A06467 (FAIRCHILD) 180-22 Prevents law enforcement from seizing firearms, ammunition or accessories during a state of emergency, unless such a seizure would be lawful absent the state of emergency
A06378 (ADOLPH) 202-0 Extends the statute of limitations to five years on unlawful firearms transfers.
A06465 (D. O’BRIEN) 202-0 Amends the original statute of limitations to no more than eight years, but allows for prosecution for up to one year after discovery of crime by authorities within that eight year window.
A06348 (METCALFE) 147-55 Provides for immediate issuance of temporary emergency licenses to carry that last for up to 90 days. Bill would allow someone to walk into the sheriff’s office, file proof of danger, swear an affidavit, undergo a background check, and walk out with the temporary license.
A06415 (O’NEILL) 202-0 Enhances penalties for making false statements in connection to purchasing a firearm.
A06178 (LEVDANSKY) 75-128 (failed) Requires a Lost or Stolen Firearm to be reported or face criminal penalties.
A06542 (GODSHALL) 202-0 Creates a registry of lost and stolen firearms. Entries to be deleted after 20 years, or upon return to lawful owner.
A06547 (STABACK) 197-5 Allows for carry in state parks by License to Carry Firearms holders, and also for law enforcement officers.

This, overall, is a good deal for gun owners. The Philly politicians are getting several new tools they can use to go after criminal trafficking of firearms. We will, of course, want to see Philadelphia actually using these laws on criminals. It does no good to not enforce them, and then come back bitching to gun owners they need more controls. This bill gives them some good things, and they need to use them.

We contacted our reps to tell them to oppose the Lost and Carry bill, and it made quite a difference. Now it’s time to contact them and encourage them to support final passage of HB 1845.

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