Smallbore Shooting is For Everyone

Local Montana papers promote the shooting sports while the rest of the media is busy trying to destroy them:

Unless you are actually involved in the sport of shooting, you may  not realize that there are five smallbore shooting clubs in the area; Pondera Valley, Brady, Ledger, Valier and one in Shelby.

The are made up of men, women, and students that thrive and participate in a lifetime sport. The sport is also handicap accessible, especially when the new Shooting Club building is complete just north of town.

What you’ll really love is where they have some of their competitions:

Right now the local shooters use the basement of the Brady Community Center, which has five lanes for firing. Ledger Community Hall has five lanes as well, Valier has six and the Shelby Club has eight lanes.

Shooting in the Brady Community Center?  I think I knew where I’m moving when I retire!