You Vil Be Faitful to Ze Party

Or they’ll lock you up, in Ohio.

2 Responses to “You Vil Be Faitful to Ze Party”

  1. rev214 says:

    isn’t Rush L. in their totalitarian sights as well?
    i thought i heard they were going after him for his prodding of the proletariat to vote for Chillary in Ohio…

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, because we’ve got nothing better to do with stolen “government” money here.

    THIS is yet another in the long list of reasons to do away with the party system of which no laws gave rise to. They just slowly stole power and now because morons won’t vote for anything outside of the party we’re stuck with it.

    I live in cuyahoga county with mayor frank jokeson and taxin’ tim hagen, and dennis “the mistake on the lake” kookcinich. I hate them all. I’m pretty sure, but too lazy to go check right now, that we’re in the top 5 highest taxed counties in the nation…so you can figure out what the problem is here. Too many democrats.

    They’ve just got their panties in a bunch because black superman lost to the ice queen when someone used their play book against them.