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  1. ….

    Damn. I didn’t see any holiday or religion bashing – then again, I’m stocking up on unleavened bread. And gefilte fish.

    Anyways, I hope you and Bitter did have a Happy Easter.

  2. Our Generic Holiday was quite nice. We enjoyed the traditional Chinese dinner at a joint that was bustling more than usual. I find in that area of the country that a busy Chinese restaurant often signals a Christian holiday. :)

  3. LOL.

    Try a Chinese restaurant on Yom Kippur Eve. They’ll thank you. ;)

    I’d been tempted to a couple of times, but the thought of Angry Jewish Mother Guilt coming down on me for it… I’d rather have that for something a little more appropriate. ;)

  4. It’s amazing how many people seem to lose all semblance of a sense of humor as soon as there is anything remotely resembling religion involved. It reminded me of the type of people on the far left who get their panties in a bunch because they interpret some remark as disrespect to their ethnicity/gender/lifestyle (pick one).
    Just my opinion.

  5. If Easter is based on a Lunar calendar, then it would positively make it a Chinese holiday, as the Chinese calendar is lunar based. Damn those Chinese…they got their greasy little yellow hands into everything. Hahahahahaa!!! (I can say that because I’m Chinese, or as I like to say, “off-white”) Hahahahahahahahaaa!!!

    Yes people, DO lighten up. Maude, better start puttin’ starch in them people’s britches when ya washes them so they can’t get them in a twist!!!


  6. Easter eggs are what one should eat. Otherwise what to do with the colored eggs?

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