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From Rachel Lucas who is having difficulty with the love of her life heading off to active duty:

I hereby declare March 23 as Punch A Hippie In The Nuts Day. All you have to do to celebrate it is find a hippie, ask him how he feels about the military, and if he says anything other than “I love it because those guys make it possible for me to be a worthless hippie”, punch him right in the nuts.

I’ll get on board with that!

9 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    What about Anarchists? What do we get to do to them?

    (I want to say: Steal molotov cocktails from the anarchists, then throw their own weapons right back at them.)

  2. BobG says:

    That’s assuming you can find one who has working nuts…

  3. anon says:

    Can I kick one instead? I really don’t want hippie nutz all over my knuckles…

  4. kaveman308 says:

    Gotta call bullshit when I see it.

    For someone who quite recently expressed reservations about doing anything to make the gun blogging community look bad, you are now advocating that people commit felony assualt against a group of people who you disagree with.

    What would be your reaction if Paul Helmke declared March 23rd, “Punch a gun owner in the nuts day.”

    David Duke for “Punch a nigger in the nuts day.”

    Pat Robertson for “Punch a faggot in the nuts day.”

    Code Pink for “Punch a jar-head in the nuts day.”

    Our dear friend Jadegold said a while back that he likes to beat up homeless vets to relieve stress.

    How is your endorsement of the above statement any different?

    P.S. How many of those homeless vets look like “dirty hippies” to you?

  5. Sebastian says:


    I am obviously not seriously advocating violence in this post, and neither is Rachel. It’s meant to be taken about as seriously as someone saying “I could kill my husband for saying that.”

  6. kaveman308 says:

    I know you don’t seriously feel this way, but using your own logic expressed earlier(paraphrased), “What if the media gets a hold of this and uses it to smear the gun-blogging community?”

    The same applies to posts like this that you allow on your blog. What if the media goes out and finds a homeless Vietnam Vet who hasn’t bathed in a while and then puts your above statement on grand display. Then you and we all get smeared for “wanting to beat up war heros?”

    We have the truth on our side, that should be our primary weapon. Advocating violence, even in jest, will only fuel the image the media and the antis have of us…ignorant intolerant bigots.

  7. Sebastian says:

    It’s a valid point, but I think it’s pretty obviously humor to anyone who reads it. Sure, they might be able to say “Gun blog advocates violence against vets” but they could also say “Gun blog advocates burning witches,” since I’m sure I made that joke in there somewhere too. There’s a difference between the risk of the media taking something out of context, which is ever present, and the risk that certain activity can be easily spun as harassing and stalking behavior, because it borders on it, comes to light in a very embarrassing way. There’s always a risk that statements can be taken out of context, but some things can look bad even in context, if spun a certain way.

  8. Tom says:

    Sometimes I get really fed up with the “military worship” crap, as if the only thing keeping us from chains were the “select militia.”

    We have somewhere around 2 million cases each year of non military people keeping themselves safe and they seem to do quite well without the military.

    This was much longer, but instead of starting flame wars I’ll ask this. Can the military operate in a vacuum? Don’t they need “civilian” support? Can night exist without day? Yeah, if you have someone close in the military support them just as those “hippies” support each other. You’re not grasping the obvious that we’re all Americans AND people. It’s always great to see morons advocating the same intolerant views they condemn. The pendulum has swung to the other extreme and now we HAVE to support the military or else.

  9. STEEL says:

    Why do “hippies” always go for the “Felony Assault” charge? Your going to get hit, that’s a given. Whether you wake up in time to remember who I am, that’s another story.

    Shove your “Felony Assault Charge”. Plus it’s a freakin’ joke man, ease up, that’s the problem with people today, somewhere we’ve lost our sense of humor.

    Hippies… I swear!

    Can’t wait to see the page fill up with Hate the Steel stuff. Should be fun.


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