Abby Spangler

Jacob has some footage of her barking like a moonbat for CNN.  I’m going to guess that most of that ended up on the cutting room floor since she seemed to be more interested in giving a speech than an interview.  As much as I lament that folks on our side often botch media opportunities, the gun control movement has the same problem.  Really, The VPC and Brady Campaign have been the only groups that have played the media game very well.

4 Responses to “Abby Spangler”

  1. illspirit says:

    So, basically, she wants to “rise up” and “fight back” in order to force us all to lay down and grovel at the feet of the criminals who don’t obey laws?

    I know it’s just rhetoric and all, but her fiery, revolutionary shrieking almost sounds like she’s suggesting a bunch of hippies should revolt and start disarming people. The mental picture that invoked is really quite hilarious..

  2. Clint says:

    I have been at two protest where she spoke and this is the quietest I have ever seen her. She’s usually very loud and very shieky, no need for a PA system with that one. She generally takes a stand that anyone who wants to buy a gun is a criminal.

  3. watcher says:

    “Lax gun laws”…

    I’d love to see someone challenge that claim in a public forum. considering the number of loopholes and “gotchas” in firearms law in the United States that’s not hard to do.

    “I took a pistol to go target shooting outside of Rochester New York.”
    “After a trip to the NRA range, I packed everything back in my trunk and dropped my friend off in Georgetown.”
    “My rifle malfunctioned and sent a few rounds downrange and jammed.”

    For the average citizen I believe these are all felonies. What’s lax about that, again?

    Oh yeah, she doesn’t care! That’s why the “public” part is important to the challenge .

  4. B Smith says:

    In no sense do I endorse or support a license to exercise freedom of speech in a public forum. That said, if I WERE for licensing that right, this goofball’s would be the first revoked. How many times do you need the word “outraged” to get your point across? Somebody get this f*cking idiot a thesaurus!