ABC’s Lost

I knew Tom Friendly was gay!  So it would seem that Ben’s people can move back and forth between The Island and the real world.  I think the writers are thinking at this point we should be pondering that maybe Ben really is the good guy.  He had Sayid Jarrah working for him, after all, I’m guessing talked into it by Michael, who isn’t one of the Oceanic Six, but just ended up back in the real world.  I think Ben is still the bad guy.  What’s the role of Alvar Hanso in all this?  All we hear about now is Charles Widmore. All I can say is they better start answering questions soon instead of raising more and more of them :)

Also, that show that comes on after Lost, “Eli Stone”, is bloody awful.  Seriously.  Get some actual attorneys on your staff so the show can come up with realistic legal situations.  Also, fire all the commies on the writing staff because their dirty hippy is showing, which means guys like me won’t watch it.

2 thoughts on “ABC’s Lost”

  1. I started watching it again this season after giving up on it in season 2. I guess this is one show that managed to benefit from the writers strike.

    To me, it seemed like they never thought it would last through season one and didn’t plan the story line.

    It’s better now.

  2. i still think that all of the characters had the great misfortune of answering a newspaper add that claimed they would get paid quite well for a week long medical study… and they are all laying on tables with giant electrodes sticking out of their heads

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