California At It Again

Not content to stick it to gun owners with just Microstamping, now they want you to have to get permission from the police before purchasing ammunition.  In addition to that, you have to be licensed to sell ammo to transfer more than 50 rounds in a month.  So you couldn’t give or sell your friend 100 rounds of some old ammo you’ve had sitting around without breaking the law.  Each sale of ammunition will also be subject to a three dollar surcharge, to be sent to your masters in Sacramento.

The message to gun owners is loud and clear in California: “We don’t want you here, and if you stay here, and continue doing this disgusting thing, we’re going to do a lot of things so that it’ll be easy to throw you in jail.”

7 thoughts on “California At It Again”

  1. Here in Mass I need to show my permit to buy ammo, or componants. Of course they never think about how I can buy bleach and amonia at the super market and a gasoline at the service station all without a permit.

    Somehow ammo is dangerous, even when the sale of guns is heavily regulated.

    But bottom line it isn’t about that, its about frustrating gun owners untill they give up.

  2. Would someone (Texas? Arizona?) please raise a battalion or two and invade and FREE us?
    None of this would be possible if we were able to hold free elections but the districts are so gerrymandered that the control rests entirely with the Collectivists.

  3. The antis have been suffering defeat after defeat, and now Heller looks to be another setback for them. They’re realizing that they’re not going to be able to take the guns, so they’re going after the ammo.

    We’re going to be seeing more and more of this.

  4. Question:

    We know criminals get most of their guns through theft or through black market smuggling or the tiny minority of corrupt dealers, but does anyone know of a study or survey that asks the question about where they get their ammo?

  5. I can already see the rationale now, especially if Heller is decided in a positive way for us – “Sure, the Second Amendment guarantees you the right to individual ownership of firearms… but it don’t say a darned thing about ammunition, does it?”

    I wil not say that Kalifornistan’s treament of independent, self-defense-minded individuals is the reason for me moving out shortly, because it is not. In reality, it is not even a contributing reason, given the situation. However, if my current situation did not exist, I would be spending no longer in this state than absolutely possible… Hi cost of living, stupidly expensive housing (the bubble of which popped not to long ago, granted), idiotic people, atrocious drivers, bad atmosphere (literally and figuratively), boringly consistent weather, oh, and a sheriff who does not give a flying monkey’s left testicle about people lawfully defending themselves, and a state who would rather all firearm-owners curled up and died. Yeah, a positively wonderful place to live.

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