Microstamping Passed in California

From the Brady Campaign, they’ve passed Microstamping in California. If you live in California, it is very important to:


I will have more to say on micro stamping soon. This is one issue I urge manufacturers to follow the lead of Ronnie Barrett and refuse to sell your product in California, including to law enforcement. It’s the only way we’re going to stop crap like this from spreading.

UPDATE:  The Flashing Light has an interesting bit of commentary:

Someone suggests that gun manufacturers not sell in California in the future. That’s an ideal thought, maybe, but thinking it through I don’t see how they could afford to do that. Doing so would set in motion a whole lot of market and government actions of which some are predictable, but many are unforeseen. And I doubt most gun and ammo manufacturers are willing to play with fire when it comes to the bottom line.

This is a serious issue, no doubt.  California is the nation’s most populous state, and whether or not firearms and ammunition manufacturers can afford to pull out of the state entirely is a reasonable question.  But can they afford to keep complying with the costs of complying with the state’s ridiculous and ignorant policy in regards to firearms?  That’s a good question too.

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  1. Anyone know what types of sidearms the police in the various jurisdictions in CA carry? I suggest we start a little Zumbo campaign of our own against any gun maker that chooses to sell, supply or service microstamped guns to the State. For any gun maker that chooses to put their business interests in that State over the right of other consumers, maybe we as gun owners should be buying their products.

    For example, if Sig Sauer is a major supplier and elects not to boycott CA government and law enforcement sales/support because of this law, then maybe I don’t need to own a Sig pistol anymore. If Smith and Wesson or Walter boycotts them over this, then maybe Sig will get a letter from me indicating they can cancel my warranty card on my P220 since I am going to consign it and go with something else from a manufacturer that see citizens and police as one in the same.

    Let the police and government agencies set up their own machine shops and maintenance units. I hope the firearms suppliers for California will follow Barrett’s lead. It is widely felt that his boycott of servicing his rifles in California was more than made up for by sales in other parts of the country. Plus, he just makes a good product (shameless plug).

  2. As all this is is a defacto ban, just like requiring registration then closing the registration office, I agree w/ Matt. We should encourage companies to boycott, and boycott those who continue to sell.

    And for the anticipated remarks from the Anti’s about “bully tactics”, refer yourselves to the NAACP and their boycotts.

    This is actually a pretty slick move on the part of the Anti’s. Before, we could always point to them as the source of the ban or confiscation. Now, when companies don’t retool, they can point to the companies and say “See, they don’t really care about their customers or solving crime, it’s all about the money.”.

  3. If the companies don’t retool, I don’t think the antis can sit there and cry it about being “for the money”. If anything, I think a public statement from such companies who flat out refuse to supply parts period to CA and say they see citizen arms and police arms as equal will result in increased sales. Just not from California.

    And it will be because of gun control. Funny how such controls manage to result in more guns in private hands than when they started.

    Sorry, thirdpower, the antis should be required to prove conclusively that microstamping works in solving and reducing crime. Just like they should have been required to do in pushing ballistic fingerprinting under exactly the same auspices. That crap hasn’t worked here in Maryland to the tune of a couple million dollars a year. That will seem cheap as compared to the registration system that will need to be established in California to even make the system of microstamping workable but ultimately useless.

    Besides, such a system of registration violates 18 U.S.C. 926. Why has no one ever challenged registration provisions of guns under this statute?

    Slice California off the West Coast and let them float off. They just aren’t worth having anymore.

  4. I agree, they should be required to prove it. However, w/ gun control, that’s not how it works. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of legislatures passing measures even after openly admitting it won’t do a thing.

    Facts don’t matter to them. Only soundbites. It will be “Crimes weren’t solved because the companies refused to provide the tools” or versions thereof. Watch. It will become a meme we’ll have to disprove over and over, just like “Assault Weapons”. They couldn’t continue it w/ “ballistic fingerprinting” because it didn’t rely on the manufacturers. This one puts more of the onus on us.

  5. California all by itself is something like the 6th or 7th largest economy in the world…ammo manufacturers will probably not be able to not sell to them without feeling a pinch…

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