Some People Just Don’t Get It

Mark R. Herring  State Senator from Loudoun County, Virginia apparently doesn’t read the legislation he votes against:

Herring did not support the bill. “Drinking alcohol and carrying firearms is not a good mix,” he said. “It’s a public safety issue. There was no compelling case for loosening the restriction on carrying a concealed weapon into bars.”

Let’s review for a minute the requirements of the law:

Virginia Senate Bill 476 would have allowed permit holders to bring concealed handguns into bars and restaurants. Patrons would have been required to notify their server of the weapon and would not have been allowed to consume alcohol on the premises.

Emphasis mine.  Now, is he legitimately ignorant, or is he, along with his other gun control supporting pals in the Virginia Senate merely misreprenting the issue to continue to screw gun owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

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