Restaurant Carry in Virginia Update

Virginia Shooting Sports Assocation is reporting:

SB 1035 – Repeal of the Restaurant Ban for concealed carry. Reported with amendment (removed the requirement to notify a member of the restaurant staff that you are carrying concealed) 17-Y 5-N

That was silly to begin with, and I’m glad someone in the Virginia Senate realized it.  You should never tell someone you’re carrying who’s not a law enforcement officer approaching you in an official capacity.  Definitely not the host or hostess of a restaurant.  People carrying a pistol with a license still are not permitted to drink alcohol under this rule, and no doubt critics will point out that this relies on the honor system.  All concealed carry relies on the honor system, since the gun is, you know, concealed.

One thought on “Restaurant Carry in Virginia Update”

  1. It was actually the House committee that removed it, not the Senate committee.

    I’m glad they took it out, but our idiot Governor will veto it anyway, just like he did last year.

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