More On that Article

I think I actually missed the most important part:

Joe Grace, CeaseFirePA executive director, said the group had lobbied all 203 House members and would hold a rally and news conference today. Hundreds of supporters are expected to turn out, among them 10 busloads of Philadelphians.

Last week, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh City Councils passed resolutions urging the legislature to pass a lost-and-stolen bill.

Law enforcement agencies across the state, including the Pennsylvania State Police, say such a mandatory requirement would help prevent straw purchasers of guns from using the excuse that their guns, later used in crimes, were lost or stolen.

This vote was moved up.  You don’t just pull a rally that size out of thin air.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the vote was moved up to coincide with a rally that was already planned, in order to help pre-ordain the outcome.  Calling your representatives is now more important than ever.  They must hear from gun owners.

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