Inky on Lost & Stolen Bill

Here’s what the Inquirer says:

Handgun-control proponents in the State House are attempting to force a floor vote today on a controversial bill that would require handgun owners to tell authorities when their weapons are lost or stolen.

To avoid a counter-lobbying campaign by the National Rifle Association, lawmakers late Wednesday filed the language as an amendment to a crime-code bill that had already cleared a House committee. The move sends the bill directly to the floor.

“This is a historic moment for the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the House in particular,” said Rep. Cherelle Parker (D., Phila.). “For many years, legislators across Pennsylvania have been trying to answer calls law enforcement has been making to us to give them the tools to get handguns off the streets.”

The amendment will face opposition from Republicans and many rural Democrats. But, proponents say, polls showing that a majority of voters support mandatory reporting of lost and stolen handguns will compel lawmakers at least to go on record with their position.

It’s unclear whether opposition has softened in Harrisburg since 2006, when the House overwhelmingly defeated the measure. Votes were not recorded then.

Let’s hope not.  Contacting legislators makes all the difference.  Lawmakers assume one phone call represents probably 100 other people out there that think the same way.  If they are getting 5 to 1 calls in favor of gun owners, that’ll put some fear into them.  Someone who calls is someone who will come out to vote against you if you go against them on this issue.  Make sure your reps know how you feel.

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