Spring Ahead

I had totally forgotten that we were supposed to spring ahead today.   It seems odd when Ohio bloggers are buried under snow.  SayUncle is already preparing for spring.  We didn’t get any snow in southeastern Pennsylvania, but we don’t really get nice spring weather until May, typically.  March isn’t quite as cold, but still jacket and sometimes coat weather, and most of April is rainy and miserable.

2 thoughts on “Spring Ahead”

  1. There were about 2 inches on the ground this morning in Indiana, but I understand that Ohio got it a lot worse than we did.

    Poor bastards.

  2. We had four days of grey, nasty, rainy days in the mid-30s, but it melted most of the snow. Yesterday started out like that, but the temps dropped in the afternoon, and the rain turned to snow. Not much, thankfully, and for the first time in a week, the sun is out.

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