Outdoor Writers Assocation of America

Bitter has a must read about how left-wing hippies have taken over OWAA:

I think the Outdoor Writers Association is done. It’s about environmental writers now instead of your hook and bullet crowd. Certainly, enough people thought this a few years ago when POMA was launched following OWAA’s attack on NRA. But I think we have a new sign the whole damn thing is up.

I’m particularly interested in the kinds of people they are associating with.

Hunting For A Solution

Wayne Pacelle (Humane Society of the United States), Bart Semcer (Sierra Club) and Paul Helmke (Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) will host a panel discussion on the merits and intrinsic worth of hunting. These provocative speakers likely will provide ample story material while giving OWAA members a front-lines, front-row seat to an age-old debate that will affect hunters for years to come. Don’t miss this timely and exciting exchange of ideas.

The Humane Society of the United States, which is an anti-hunting group, working with The Brady Campaign, an anti-gun group, could be the thing that helps drive more hunters into the hands of NRA.  It’s going to be tough to argue there isn’t an active movement to end hunting in this country, using the one/two punch of hunting restrictions and gun restrictions.  Hunters need to wake up, and fight both these groups, or they are going to be facing the destruction of their sport.

5 Responses to “Outdoor Writers Assocation of America”

  1. Tom says:

    HSUS is PETA.

  2. Sebastian says:

    More dangerous than PETA. PETA wears their extremism on their sleeves. HSUS is a well funded and well messaged anti-hunting animal rights organization couched in a PR message that’s all kittens and puppy dogs.

  3. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    What’s worse is that there are different organizations known as “humane societies”. When you donate to one, you have to make sure it’s not affiliated with HSUS. Other humane societies concentrate just on pets like dogs and cats.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    I’m a non-hunting gun owner. I love fishing, hiking, butchering my own food, shooting, and the outdoors in general. This does mean I have a passing interest in hunting. I’ve just never been. A quick scan of all the laws, regulations, and permits I need to go through to legally do it, I find it not worth the bother.

    I think the same thing goes for gun ownership in general here in Mass. I started out as a fair-weather shooter in Maine. I wasn’t very intersted in the 2nd amendment, or personal protection. I just liked shooting guns. I Maine you just need a clean background and to be of age to buy guns and ammunition, so there are lots of “Fair Weather Shooters” When somebody’s target pistol, is threatened with a ban, or violence strikes close-to-home for these fairwather-fans of guns, the chance of this person becomming a 2nd amendment and/or personal defence advocate become very high.

    If its too difficult just to OWN a gun, fair weathers will write it off, much like I’ve written off ever owning a high-end sports car (they’re neat, but in the end its illigal to drive really fast without getting access to a race track…which is a pain, and they’re REALLY expensive to own….and wayyy more expensive to insure…ect)

    The end result is much lower recuitment to our ranks.

  5. B Smith says:

    Hmm. By this logic, I’m an anti-gun writer, since I’m always venting about what’s wrong with anti-gun views.