Israeli Airport Security vs. MacBook Pro

Via Ride Fast, an account of some of the security measures Israel uses for air travel, which includes a much more intrusive search for explosives than the TSA uses. The good thing for her is that the hard drive on that MacBook Pro model is in the lower right corner, which as far as I can tell does not have any holes in it. It’s probably fine.

6 thoughts on “Israeli Airport Security vs. MacBook Pro”

  1. Could this be why Israeli planes don’t get hijacked? Or bombed? Or nearly bombed? They do get shot at, though.

    Not for nothing, but she really should have expected this. El Al tells all passengers to arrive at least 3 hours before their flight because of the extensive security procedures.

    13 years ago, before a return flight from Lod, this came in handy. On American flights, we’re asked, “were your bags unattended?” The standard answer is always “no,” and that’s where it’s dropped. I don’t know what would happen if you said “yes.” Anyway, in Israel, that’s not where it ends. I was asked the same question and gave the standard answer. The security person then asked, “did you come straight from the hotel?” Well, no. “Then where were your bags?” Ah! I had left them with the hotel. That led to a thorough search, which turned up nothing, but certainly could have found something nefarious. All the while, the staff was very nice and understanding, considering they were Israeli and not known for politeness. This type of screening undoubtedly saves lives. So if a laptop is lost, count me unperturbed.

  2. But, why shoot it? Either blow it up in a controlled container, or put the advance bomb sniffing devices all over it, boot it via robot, or something. Shooting just doesn’t make sense

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