Hunting on the Rise in Pennsylvania

It appears that sport shooters, collecters, and self-defense whackos (according to AHSA) aren’t the only ones spending more money on their hobby right now.  Hunting license sales are also on the rise here in Pennsylvania, turning around after years of losses.  In fact, archery, muzzleloader, furtaker, bear, and migratory bird licenses are also on the rise.

4 thoughts on “Hunting on the Rise in Pennsylvania”

  1. hey Bitter. yep, sounds about right. i have owned a rifle since i was 15, but in the 25 years since, it has mostly sat at my dad’s place near Erie, used for whacking woodchucks at his place. since the election, when i bought my first handgun, i have taken an interest in loading some ammunition for the rifle as well. there’s a retired benchrest shooter who’s going to hold my hand through the loading process, and in about a month i’ll have about 300 rounds for woodchucks and another 100 suitable for deer or coyote any other larger predators. i’ve shot a woodchuck or three in my life, but i think that i might have to try for a deer this season. my wife even talked me into getting her a bow so she can try for one. Barak is stimulating the economy in many and diverse ways.

  2. Yeah, PA’s hunting license sales have been falling since the peak of 1.3 million in the mid 80s, falling to 924,000 in 2007. Perhaps with the upswing, Pennsylvania can take back the title of biggest hunting state from Texas.

  3. I would venture a guess that hunting licenses are on the rise for the same reason that more and more people are putting in Gardens.

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