If you ever go on a tour of Philadelphia …

… you might not want to believe some of the things you hear from tour guides.  The tours at Independence Hall that are guided by the park rangers have tended to be pretty good.  Some rangers are far better at doing the tour than others.  It’s about half scripted, and half whatever the ranger feels like talking about that day.

No carrying in the building that The Constitution was signed in, and the Second Amendment was ratified.  Even if we fix the National Park carry ban, it’s still a federal facility, so 930(a) applies.  I’ll have to be happy to have carried in the room the second amendment was likely first drafted in.

18 Responses to “If you ever go on a tour of Philadelphia …”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    That George Washington/Abe Lincoln thing is so easy to disprove. Washington died 10 years before Lincoln was born.

    Only an idiot tour guide would tell that lie.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    So that thing about Washington boning Betsy Ross wasn’t true???

  3. PoppI says:

    Doesn’t D(3) cover other lawful purposes = carrying for ones own safety? ‘self-defense’ is what is on my id card… that’s a lawful purpose…

  4. Sebastian says:

    Maybe. You want to volunteer to be the test case? :)

  5. PoppI says:

    Still hasn’t happened yet I take it. I’ve seriously thought about it (have considerable amount of resources/would be able to get support from various groups, clean civil background, well documented/trained, etc)… because I’d rather it be a person like me than Unkeptnik Joe who carries his pistol in his pocket with an expired ccw or worse. =\

  6. Sebastian says:

    No… there’s a process that has to be gone through in order to make a change to the Code of Federal regulations. There will be a public comment period beginning in April.

  7. PoppI says:

    Well, if lawful purposes includes carrying a concealed weapon/licensed/noncriminal, it’s fine the way it is. ?

  8. “No carrying in the building that The Constitution was signed in”

    Oops. They can’t arrest you after the fact, with no evidence, can they?

    That’s a hypothetical question, you understand.

  9. PoppI says:

    Concealed means concealed. But in reality, when I went into the courthouse, there were metal detectors and whatnot. Now I *thought* there was also a law/provision for a safe place to store/temporarily surrender your firearm upon entry and you could pick it up.

  10. Sebastian says:

    There is. Courthouses in PA are required to allow you to check your firearms. Most will send you over to the sheriff’s office, and the deputies will keep it for you during your time in court.

  11. PoppI says:

    What about other federal buildings? If I go on a tour this spring with my girl I don’t want to have to walk back to the car and cause a fuss. No problem if it would be like the courthouse scenario.

  12. Sebastian says:

    Any federal facility. It could be argued this applies to an outhouse in a National Park. As far as I know, there’s not much case law here.

  13. PoppI says:

    Okay, so barring the outhouse facility, they ‘must’ have a way to accomodate my firearm?

  14. Sebastian says:

    According to state law, yes. The feds have no such requirement, and the supremacy clause prevents Pennsylvania from forcing it on federal facilities.

  15. No metal detectors or pat downs when we went to Independence Hall, and nobody said anything about firearms.

  16. PoppI says:

    Is that where the liberty bell is? That would be the bees knees as they say. =)

  17. Naw, the Liberty Bell is in its own museum-like structure just across the street. The Liberty Bell was one of those, “Eh, I’ve seen it now” things. Independence Hall was pretty remarkable.

  18. PoppI says:

    10-4. Thank you Prof