The Economists Weigh In on Gun Buybacks

It looks like Alex Tabarrok doesn’t think gun buybacks make a whole lot of sense from an economic point of view.  Dave Hardy relates his own story.  My story is that once, when Philadelphia used to do these things, I ran into a couple of Pink Pistol guys at the range who had managed to purchase two Kalashnikovs with the money they had made from saving up old junk guns in anticipation of the next gun buyback.  The organization that does these in Philly has since wised up, and on longer hands out cash for guns.  You can, however, get a gift certificate for sneakers, or other such non-cash items, the value of which depends on the type of gun turned in.  No doubt this will keep collectors away, but I would imagine it keeps pretty much everyone else away too.  If Philadelphia ever decides to hand out cash again, I have a few worthless pieces of junk I’d be happy to get rid of.

2 thoughts on “The Economists Weigh In on Gun Buybacks”

  1. Boston was handing out $200 Target Gift cards (I hope pun not-intended) I spend wayyy more than $200 at target each year, so it would be worth it for me to get rid of any junk guns I might have.

    Of course they were only taking long guns. I could probably buy a crate of Nagant Revolvers, but I’d hate to destroy historical relics.

  2. I have an abortion of a sporterized Japanese rifle that I took in a pity trade, thinking I may be able to salvage something from it. If I could get a gift card for someplace I shop it would be a good deal.

    I also wonder about the legality of buying stuff from the sheep before they turn it in. I heave heard of stories of official resistance to such free trade.

    Any info on how to get a head’s up on the turn ins in the Pittsburgh area? I always hear about them after the fact.

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