NRA Annual Meeting Announcement

You can find it here.

On Friday, May 16th NRA will thank not only NRA members, but also the whole Louisville community with a free concert featuring Grammy award-winning artist John Michael Montgomery. This event is sponsored by Gander Mountain and hosted by Louisville’s Fourth Street Live.

With an estimated 60,000 attendees and more than 400 exhibits, this year’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits promises to be among the best in NRA’s 137-year history. Leading firearm manufacturers will display the firearm industry’s latest products. Various hunting and shooting accessories, and an extensive private collection displayed by NRA-affiliated gun collector clubs, will fill acres of convention space.

Aside from having no idea who John Michael Montgomery is, it sounds pretty good to me.  I will be attending as part of the Second Amendment Blog Bash, but everyone should consider coming out.  You can visit for more details.

16 Responses to “NRA Annual Meeting Announcement”

  1. straightarrow says:

    I’m a little confused here. If Gander Mountain is sponsoring it, how is it that NRA is treating the community to free concert?

    Wouldn’t that be Gander Mountain treating the community to a free concert?

  2. Sebastian says:

    Pretty clearly Gander Mountain arranged for the whole annual meeting, the venue and everything else, and NRA, once again, is trying to take credit for it.

  3. JNS says:

    Wow, StraightArrow. You are so incredibly dumb.

  4. Bitter says:

    Straightarrow, have you ever been a member of any non-profit organization? Or, for that matter, watched a professional sporting event? Or watched a television show? I ask in all seriousness.

    If you answer yes to any of the three questions, I am curious how it is you’ve never heard of the concept of sponsorship. Is it something you never noticed before? Do you comment about it every time a commercial comes on? I really am curious.

  5. straightarrow says:

    fuck you people. I get all this heartburn because I asked how NRA is treating someone to a concert that is sponsored by Gander Mountain?

    No wonder you are from Waurika, that is where Comanche used to send all our mentally disabled, Bitch.

    I was asking a serious question, but you assholes are so goddamned fragile you can’t answer it because you think it is some kind of attack.

    Hell! It may have been, but if it was, I wasn’t aware of it. I really wanted to know about the mechanics of it.

    Ok, you have provided me with an answer to a question that has been niggling at me for a while now. The answer to the question is: no! you are not small l libertarians, nor are you second amendment advocates, nor are you civil rights advocates, nor are you political conservatives (forget it, none of you are smart enough to know what that is), nor are you interested in procuring or reacquiring rights that have been lost or truncated over the years. You are simply people who like to feel important at no cost and have decided the best way to do that is to ride popular or semipopular coattails that have a chance of ascending to acceptance. You are merely cheerleaders with no loyalty to any team as long as you are paid. In your cases the pay is acceptance of a larger group .

    Did I mention fuck you?

    Oh, by the way, I will be in Comanche, Ok 0ver Easter. Bring your boyfriend, we’ll talk.

  6. jetfxr69 says:

    Ummm, what just happened here?

  7. JNS says:

    What happened is that Straightarrow has been trolling the comments section in this blog obnoxiously for months now and some of us are finally getting sick of him and speaking up to tell him exactly what we think of him.

  8. straightarrow says:

    JNS that isn’t what happened. I asked a question. That’s what happened and I am not a troll. How would you prefer to show me exactly what you think of me?

  9. JNS says:

    You didn’t ask a question because you actually cared about the answer, you asked a question in yet another of your countless pathetic attempts to bitch and moan about the NRA. Anyone that has been reading this blog for any length of time knows you have zero interest in any actual constructive debate. You just take potshots at anyone that doesn’t agree with your assessment of the NRA, and then when people call you out on it you play the martyr card, acting like you’re just trying to have a serious debate. You’re not. You’re a transparent and obnoxious phony. It’s just about time someone called you out on it, as most people are too polite to do so.

  10. straightarrow says:

    Once again, fuck you. I asked the question because I wanted the answer.

    If you had tried that, you might have been surprised. But your emotional need to belong and to defend your Messiah is so great you actually couldn’t see the little question. All you saw was a potential hazard.

    How about, you just answer the question and we see what happens from there? How hard could that be, if you know the answer, as you intimated when you stated I was so incredibly dumb because I didn’t know the answer.

    I still don’t. Now is your chance to shine.

  11. Bitter says:

    There is a post giving examples, straightarrow. In fact, it’s the one without hostility that upset you the most. So if you’re really in search of answers, why didn’t you follow up rationally to that with a statement on what you understand sponsorship to mean in those situations, or explain that you honestly don’t have any experience with those things?

  12. JNS says:

    You’re a liar, Straightarrow, and as Bitter pointed out, you’ve now shown that to everyone. For all of your moralizing, you’re really just a sad little man that tries desperately to be bigger than others through feeble attempts at intellectual bullying on the internet. Unfortunately, you’re so bad at it, that’s it’s just laughable.

  13. Ace says:

    (steering in a different direction…)

    John Michael Montgomery’s a country singer, right? I remember hearing the name several years back. Mostly in the late 90s.

    Didn’t know he was still around.

    Then again, I’ve been out of the music loop for a while. I broke down back in the 80s. (heh)

  14. Linoge says:

    Hm, certainly sounds like a blast of a time (literally and figuratively, assuming there is a range nearby). Unfortunately, I will be rather geographically indisposed at that time, but, assuming things work out the way the might, I should be within driving distance of the event next year… We shall see :).

  15. Faith says:

    JM Montgomery has quite a few of my favorite songs (sorry, mushy) including “Friends,” (not the TV show), “I Get to Come Home To You,” I Can Love You Like That, I Miss You a Little, and Life’s a Dance. I happened to find this website while doing a search for the NRA Annual Meeting. This’ll be the first one close enough for me to attend (from northern OH). I am the Ohio coordinator for Second Amendment Sisters and I think it’ll be a blast! (pun intended) I’m also looking forward to open carry in KY as opposed to the oppressive USSR Ohio regime who barely tolerates us CCW permit holders.

  16. Tom says:

    They are doing it on behalf of the NRA. This event at the anual meeting is usually a private show for NRA members. This year everyone will be able to enjoy it. However, looking at the NRA site, looks like JMM will not be there. Looking at JMM’s website, he checked into rehab.