The Obama Rally

The media made a big deal that Obama drew 72,000 people to hear him speak.  Well, the NRA draws nearly that much every year to their Annual Meeting.  But apparently there was a concert by a popular band right beforehand.  Of course, NRA had John Michael Montgomery scheduled to headline the opening celebration, but I heard he checked himself into rehab a few days before being scheduled to go on, and canceled.

2 thoughts on “The Obama Rally”

  1. Hmmm. Free concert by a band espousing Marxism and general anti-capitalism, and Barack Obama speaking just afterward. Yeah, I’m sure the nice weather didn’t hurt, but I’d bet the lefties in Portland would have shown up in droves anyway.
    It keeps me awake at night to know that so many people who grew up in this country are so willing to support a candidate so blatantly anti-American. You’d think that people who are into these trendy coffee-and-book cafes might have, well, READ something about the TRUE glories of communism, taken from real people who have escaped the horrors. Are we that broken, intellectually?

  2. Fortunately, Portland does not represent the rest of the state. Smith also makes the point that the weather was beautiful that day and that venue would be crowded if PeeWee Herman was scheduled to make lewd origami and ballon animals.

    Having said that, Obama is very popular here. I started passing around his voting record on 2A issues here at work and alot of people had no idea he was an anti.

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