8 thoughts on “EBR Pics”

  1. If it’s an EBAR, you can just swap uppers, I suppose.

    I’m a sucker for a 20″ A2, in that line, having no need for something pretending to be an M4, but with an ungainly (but legal) 16″ barrel, which is what all the CARs are these days.

    (Or you could save until 3Q and get one of those new AUGs in a pistol caliber, convertible…)

    (Also, I’m not sure that’s the link you wanted. It doesn’t look like Countertop showing off a rifle…)

    (How many parentheticals can I stack?)

  2. Get an EBS — Evil Black Skunk. You can have it descented for your protection.

    Or get a hedgehog. Its spines represent self-defense.

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