Blogroll Additions

I’m making some more blogroll additions here. I’ll be adding:

The Countertop Chronicles
Pro-Gun Progressive
mAss Backwards
Clayton Cramer’s Blog
The Ten Ring

I’m trying to branch out to read more gun blogs for sources of material. Countertop I’ve seen posting on Bitter’s site, so I figured I’d add him. I’ve been an occasional reader of Bruce’s mAss Backwards for a while, so I thought I’d become a more regular reader. Pro-Gun Progressive and Clayton Cramer differ from the libertarian gun bloggers I already read, albeit at opposite ends of the political spectrum, and The Ten Ring seems like a reasonable blog, so it’s on there now.

I will be adding more soon. I have to work on getting a decent RSS aggregation set up. I’m keen to use something in PhP that I can keep local on my server here. Up until now I’ve been using Thunderbird, but it has too many deficiencies for me to continue using it.