Attorneys General Brief

Thirty Eight state Attorneys General have signed on to a brief as well. Pennsylvania is included, so kudos to Tom Corbett for signing on. The states that are missing out on the fun are:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont

Not bad at all. But I’m disappointed in Oregon, Vermont, Iowa and Delaware. For states that don’t have bad gun laws, they aren’t performing as well as I think we should expect them to.

11 thoughts on “Attorneys General Brief”

  1. Clayton, thanks for your work on the A2A brief.

    All in all, some great stuff … heavy-hitting, too.

    Any word on this supposed Brady Campaign brief to be filed on behalf of neither party? That brief (if it was to be filed) would have been due today, as well.

  2. Christie is no big fan of the second amendment … but at least he won’t likely wear “gun control” on his sleeve.

  3. Tom Miller, the AG here in Iowa, has been around longer than most of our governors. He’s a Dem that’s known for “protecting” consumers. He gets reelected on that basis and probably feels no need to court all of us gunnies.

  4. I speculate that the reason that pro gun Vermont did not sign on is that they a;ready have strong protection. Plus Vermont has a strong liberal and communist population , so better not to rock the boat.

    Delaware I would have expected but it may not to embarrass Dad. Joe Biden has a record of ro gun control and is proad of that.

    MD feels it meets 2A requirements and it does, other than restriction on carry but they do have permit process. MD AG is anti gun but tries to keep out of the fray. Our last AG for 20 was a strong force to promote gun restrictions. Thankfully he was not super successful but he stymied any loosening of gun laws.

    I checked to see if any irony with the ILL AG signing on but they do not have preemption so I guess he wisely is staying out of this. Despite Chicago , Illinois is very pro gun in most of the state. Just check the increasing number of counties who have enacted no infringement statements,
    Hawaii, Mass., and NY are going to be brought screaming into compliance with 2A.
    DC has been trying to squirm out of compliance since Heller. Their refusal to bend led to Heller. Sometimes we have to thank the stubbornness of our foes.

  5. Illinois’ AG will very likely write for Chicago. Her daddy is a very powerful man in Illinois politics who doesn’t like the idea of having armed people who are neither fanatical Democrats nor people who owe him favors. Chicago’s handgun ban isn’t because of accidental shootings or gang violence, don’t be fooled. It’s because the aldermen, precinct committeemen, ward bosses, state legislators and the like know they’ve ticked off enough people to warrant being shot at on a regular basis.

  6. SoupOrMan Said (November 24th, 2009 at 9:54 am):
    “Illinois’ AG will very likely write for Chicago.”

    Well, the bets are on. The NRA lobbyist for Illinois has predicted she (Madigan) won’t say squat. He knows IL gun politics as well as most. I tend to agree with him. There is danger into signing opposition to a losing battle.

    The writing is on the wall for Chicago.

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