Attorneys General Who Didn’t Sign

Here’s a state map of the Amicus Brief favoring the Supreme Court taking up the Incorporation issue and ruling in favor of it.   Those in favor are in red, those who did not sign on are in blue.  You can click to make it larger.

State Map for Second Amendment Incorporation

What’s up with Arizona, Tennessee and Nevada?  I mean, if Jerry Brown can sign on, you can too.  Here are some links to state AGs who did not sign on, who should be asked to explain why they did not:

Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

One thing to consider is a lot of these AGs are appointed, rather than elected.  So they may be somehwhat restrained in what they can sign on to.  But still call, and put pressure on the people that appointed them.  With the exception of Wisconsin and Hawaii, all these AGs are Democrats.  Wisconsin is an elected AG, so be sure to call him in particular if you live there.

UPDATE: I’m told under Wisconsin law that the AG has to get the Governor’s permission to sign on to anything, and Doyle is against the Second Amendment being incorporated.  So call Jim Doyle’s office and complain to him.

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  1. TN AG, while having affirmed right to arms in several state issues, avoids national political issues as a matter of policy.

  2. I am not surpised about MD the AG in that state have pushed anti gun at every turn for 40 years.

  3. CA is the one that surprised me. I know they’re already incorporated as of Nordyke, but still…

  4. Terry Goddard, Arizona’s AG, is the former mayor of Phoenix and a lifelong Democratic operative who wants the Governor’s seat so bad he can taste it. No way, no how would he do anything that even hints of being pro-2nd Amendment.

  5. From AG van Hollen’s (WI) office.
    I called and they are in support of the brief, but State Law requires Gov. Doyle’s permission to sign on- and permission was refused.

    1. Ah. Still, it won’t hurt for people to call him to find out what the hell is going on. The more he has to explain it, the more we can motivate gun owners to vote for some change there and the more gun owners remind the state GOP that they must be pro-gun to win. Pressure can sometimes be useful even if it can’t directly fix the matter at hand.

  6. Moonbeam (J Brown) signed on California?

    Sure he did, this is the only way he can enter a legal fiction into the Constitution for the State of California that concerns the right to bear arms which is silent in the State Constitution.

    Should you read the Constitution of the State of California of 1850, the RIGHTS listed in the Bill of Rights of Constitution of the United States are silent in the California Constitution of 1850.

    California shares a commen thread with just one State in the United States of America after the Constitution of the United States was signed by President Washington. That thread is the most dangerous hurdle you can put in the path of people like Moonbeam and for his kind and the get of his kind.

    That hurdle in the law is the law that was retained in the the addition of every state that was a Free and Independent Republic before they became a State of the United States of America after the Constitution was signed by Pres. Washington. But Moonbeam wants the SCOTUS to push that hurdle aside. Then his kind can then rip the Constitution of California to their liking. In fact his kind will be able to rip every States Constitution to shreds and that will give them the ability to Federalize every function of government right down to the procedure on getting a dog license.

    You see I was born in California, raised in California and live in California, and so was MOONBEAM. Difference is I do honest work for a living and Moonbeam has always sucked off the teats of the udder on the State Treasury, But soon his kind is going to kill the cow (right now she is dry) and expect me to buy him a new one.

    So yes Moonbeam did sign on, he’s just looking for a fresh cow at my expense.

  7. Here in Arizona the saying goes “AG stands for Almost Governor”. As ExKev says, AG Goddard is a big time lib that was elected with Janet Napolitano. It’s no surprise he didn’t sign.

  8. “This case presents an issue that I want to support. However, under our laws, I am not able to join a brief such as this unless I have the consent of the Governor’s office or either house of the legislature. We asked for, but were unable to obtain, the Governor’s consent. His representatives advised mine that they did not believe that it was clearly in the best interests of the State of Wisconsin to advocate for a broad reading of the Second Amendment. If, in fact, the Supreme Court decides to accept this case, we will again approach the Governor to join an amicus which promotes a broad reading of the Second Amendment. We did not approach either house of the legislature for consent because the timing of the request, and our need to review the mater internally, did not provide us with enough time to go that route.”

    This is the statement they released from van Hollen’s. I agree with Bitter. Call and ask them what they are doing.

  9. Tennessee’s Attorney General is appointed as well… He has no online email address I could find, and calling his office resulted in being blocked by his operator. Still no sign of the promised call-back, either.

  10. Hm. Might have to give their “Public Information Officer” a call tomorrow, then. Was preferring to approach the situation from a “concerned citizen” standpoint, but I guess “evil media” works too.

    1. Well, concerned citizen might say they want it to happen. Media approach just asks why it didn’t happen.

  11. JERRY(MOONBEAM)BROWN californias worse govenor assigned the infamous ROSE BIRD as chief justice and tried to het HANOI JANE as COMMISSIONER OF ARTS he is a total jerk

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