The Present

Now that the present has been presented, I can tell you what I got her. It’s a CZ 452 Lux in .22LR. If you follow the link, you’ll notice that I wrapped it up with two NRA 200 yard targets, and used a sliced up 12 gauge shotgun shell as an appropriate bow. Here’s what it looks like:

Thanks to Traction Control for tracking one down and getting it to the local FFL. I also got her a Bushnell 40mm objective scope, the Banner series, but the rings I got her are too short for it, plus it looks like the CZ has 11mm dovetails. No worries though, I’ll find the proper scope rings at some point that’ll make it all work. After looking at the rifle in person, I think a smaller scope might be better for it anyway, in which case I might swap her the Bushnell for a smaller scope and use it when I finally get around to building my accurized 10/22 project.

Hopefully we’ll get to try it out sometime soon. I think it’ll shoot very nice. Bitter is more of a pistol shooter than a rifle(wo)man, so it was time to get her started. Everyone needs at least one rifle in .22LR, so I figured the 452 was as good as any to start her out with.

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  1. It was pleasure doing business with you, and thanks for the mention. I’m sure the CZ will perform to Bitter’s expectations.

    BTW, I wrote Bitter to say that is there is ever a chance to by ‘a little something’ for you, she can count on me not to tell.

    Thanks again.

    from Traction Control

  2. Years back I was in the local gun shop for the machine gun shoot. When I was done with that I went to the counter and asked if they had a 452 that they could set me up with.

    The old feller behind the counter said they didn’t, but he had something comparable. He pulled out a $900 Kimber rifle. I’ve never considered this shop one to pressure folks into buying a higher dollar gun at all. I honestly think the clerk was just showing me something that they had in stock that would compare with a 452 in performance.

    I walked out with a Savage. I should have waited until I found a shop with the 452.

  3. CZ makes a great gun for the money, and I like doing business with a people who stand up for freedom and stand up to communism.

  4. I have the exact same rifle you gave Bitter. I love it. I’m shooting it with open sights, but I’m thinking of putting a scope on it. I also have the 452 Varmint in .17 HMR. It’s fantastic. It’ll give me 1/4″ groups @ 100 yds using Hornady’s VMax bullet. At 200 yds, it still groups at 1″ and under. Nice little varmint rifle.

  5. Hey even if the scope doesn’t fit, I LOVE the iron sights on those rifles.

    Everybody should have a .22, and you did her right with that one. They’re really sweet rifles.

  6. Good choice! Excellent gun. I’m a Savage guy myself but CZ is right up there after them. They make very nice rifles and she’ll love it.

  7. I just ordered a CZ 453 American in .17 hmr for a friend of mine to pop squirrels with. Very nice little rifles. He topped his off with a 16x Burris.

    Tack driver.

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