A Tour of Montpelier

Bitter and I went on a tour of the home of my favorite founding father, James Madison.   Montpelier is currently undergoing a reconstruction to restore it back to its original state after having been dramatically altered by the DuPont family, who owned it for most of the 20th century.

Most of the house is under construction as it’s being restored.  It’s actually a pretty interesting process to see in progress.  Most of the rooms are stripped down to wood lathing, most of which they say is original, and held in place by nails from Thomas Jefferson’s nailery that operated at Monticello.  Interesting to think that lathing likely hasn’t been seen by people since Madison’s time, and won’t be seen again for generations once the reconstruction is finished.

I stood in Madison’s study, which is one of the completed rooms, where it’s quite likely he might have drafted some early versions of the second amendment, and yes, I was legally carrying my Glock.  It’s quite a relief to me that none of the founding father president’s estates, except for John Adams’ are zones where the second amendment does not apply.  We visited Madison’s grave site, and despite our best efforts, we did not hear the sounds of any spinning, but it was rather windy.

I’m looking forward to returning there in the future, when the reconstruction is complete, and the home is restored to its former glory.

2 thoughts on “A Tour of Montpelier”

  1. Must be nice living to historical sites like that. I love visiting historical sites – it brings history to life.

    Too bad about John Adam’s Estate. I bet he rolled over in his grave when they put that sign up. :)

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