7 thoughts on “Potato Gun Stupidity”

  1. Sadly it looks like Mr. Moron will be able to reproduce still.

    This DESERVED to be a Darwin Award.

    Like the discussion I had with my Pop-in-law about the range of shotgun loads. Went somthing like this: “Buckshot won’t really go much further than 50 yards….of course I wouldn’t want to be at 60 yards to find out…”

    I’m not much of a shotgunner so I don’t know if he was right or wrong…but right or wrong he’s Scads smarter than these assholes.

  2. What about Lexan? (Or how thick would Lexan have to be in order to stop it?)

  3. What kind of award (or punishment in today’s society) will the glass guy get for bad advice to idiots?

    My guess is lexan would stop it. Shot some 1/2″ thick small (4″x6″) pieces with a .22lr out of a 10/22 and left maybe a 1/16″ dent. An AR-15 went through it just fine. I’m not dumb enough to try standing behind it just to find out. I advise anyone who thinks that’s a good idea to avoid breeding at all costs.

    Of course there are much smarter ways to do it, but I’m not telling you.

  4. Actually, there was a technical report commissioned by the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee that proved that a shotgun slug will travel further than a .30-06 round. Here, read it for yourself:


    “Ah, but the big surprise comes at 0-degrees of elevation which would be more or less a typical shot at a deer on level terrain. Here the rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader projectiles travel 1,408′, 840′, and 686′ respectfully plus ricochet distances of 3,427′, 4,365′, and 3,812′ respectfully. Now the total distances traveled by the projectiles are 4,835′ for the rifle, 5,205′ for the shotgun and 4,498′ for the muzzleloader.”

    So, Weer’d Beard, tell your father-in-law he had better stand a smidgen further than 60 yds. Personally, I’ve seen guys at the rifle range shoot a shotgun slug out to 200 yds and beyond, hitting the backstop that’s another 25 yds, kicking up a huge plume of sand.

  5. Weer’d Beard was talking about buckshot, not slugs.

    And his pop-in-law was wrong. It might not be able to hit anything realiable at 50 yards but it will definitely travel much farther than that. Even birdshot will travel much further than that.

  6. Maybe he put the pointy end of the potato pointing the wrong way.

    That’s a great video. They should get their own TV series!

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