Death Panels for Corvettes

Brought to you by the same people who want to control your health care, the end result of Cash for Clunkers.  You see them replace the oil with a 40% solution of sodium silicate, which turns into a glass like compound once all the water is driven off.


What a complete waste.  How is it environmentally friendly to waste all the energy that went into making that car?

11 thoughts on “Death Panels for Corvettes”

  1. It’s not just about the energy wasted in making that car that clearly had years of service left, but also the energy spent making the new car purchased.

  2. And don’t forget all the energy wasted for all the other “clunkers” that were not turned in. They will be scrapped before their time too. They will have to by default when no one can get replacement parts anymore since they were all crushed. Which is another factor some might not of thought about.

  3. Wow,
    They can’t get the paperwork right, they can’t get the reimbursements right, they can’t get the time and duration of the plan right BUT they can have the “End of Life Solution” ready and waiting at the “Hospital”. The same people
    and idiology are working on both plans. THINK!
    Now wouldn’t it be nice if some of the 10 million people that lost their jobs in the last year could tap into this wasted resource to help them fix their vehicles or maybe use these to find a new job?
    Oh, maybe a better idea would be to park them all out in the midwest, maybe right next to the interstate in Iowa or Nebraska and fill up a few thousand acres of cornfield so they could block harvesting corn that costs $1.30 to make $1.00’s worth of ethenol. Man my head hurts!!!

  4. That was really sad, like watching some get killed. An okay Corvette that could have gone to some less fortunate person instead of outright wasted! A huge waste by the rich Americans, spending money they don’t have, to get more people in new cars and trash the good ones that offended the environmental gods. These so called clunkers could have gone some place like China, where they would get 10x better mileage than some of what’s on the road there. The end result is a bunch more people in debt for new cars during hard times, when their old ‘clunker’ was paid for.

  5. The cash-for-clunkers program was always about bailing out the car companies, Sebastian. Claims about increasing average fuel mileage were just an excuse.

    You’re right about the wastefulness of junking perfectly serviceable cars, though. There are videos out there showing car lots filled with cars destined for destruction, including one video showing a barely-driven (and somewhat cranky) Maserati that had only 18k miles on it. What a waste.

    The used-car market is going to be hell for a little while because of this program, too.

  6. Why didn’t we replace some foreign aid dollars with Clunkers? Seems to me that shipping a bunch of old but serviceable cars to other countries would be much more useful and appreciated than mailing a check to a dictator. Look at Cuba — old American cars are used by regular folks like taxi drivers and farmers and shopkeepers.

  7. Obama and his fellow statist leftists hate many things about America and its heritage, and two such things among the rest are the guns that we like to shoot and the motor vehicles that we like to drive.

    This is why the leftists have had to create their “boogey men,” of which there are quite a few, but two of them which are noteworthy are the dreaded “assault weapon” and the equally-dreaded “sport utility vehicle,” otherwise known as the SUV.

    While our firearms freedoms can be and will be defended by the Second Amendment, there really is not much of anything to protect our freedoms to choose which type of motor vehicle which we would actually want to own and drive. This is really one of the hidden motives behind the whole “cash for clunkers” programs – to incrementally eradicate “muscle cars,” sports cars, SUV’s, and large pickups from America’s roadways, all so that they will all largely be replaced will “eco friendly” smaller vehicles, ones that all look largely alike, and won’t be anywhere nearly as crash-safe as their predecessors.

  8. This video says more about Obama and his vision of what this country ought to be than a hundred op-ed pieces in the New York Times. I’m not a car guy and don’t own a Corvette or any other sportscar, nor do I want one. But to someone my age (49, only a year older than Obama) needlessly destroying a Corvette is something of a sacrilege. This guy has a total disregard for much of most Americans treasure whether it be their guns, their cars, their traditions, their privacy and yes their freedom.

    While I don’t agree with the “birthers” I do agree with their frustration about Obama. There is just way to much about our current president that seems alien to those of us who grew up here. It’s not that Obama is not from the U.S., it’s that he is not OF the U.S.

  9. I didn’t watch that vid—couldn’t. I saw one a couple weeks ago, of a Volvo getting scrapped, and that was pathetic enough.
    Not a Corvette. I just can’t.

  10. AND all the energy to shred or compact it, as well as shipping it to china to be recycled, then back again.

    Wasn’t the manta of the “eco friendly” (as if!) folks Reduced, REUSE, recycle? Just another under the bus.

  11. That vid made me sick. Of course as someone who’s been in the used car end of the business, it kills me to see this bullcrap. There were MANY people that need cars like that. In a couple years, people who would have replaced totally worn out POS cars will be walking because of this BS.

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