Even More SHOT

Looks like there are some fun 22LR firearms coming out, including a .22LR target pistol from Walther. There’s also the Ruger Charger, which looks like it would be a great pistol to use for handgun silhouette. Anyone has to love a revolver that can fire a .410 shotgun shell. I agree with Uncle that this little folder is way cool.

This Kalashnikov looks like an NFA item, but would be an excellent home defense rifle if you don’t live in a crowded area where over penetration is a concern. Even more pictures of TDI’s Kriss Vector CRB/SO. The more I’m thinking about it, the more I think I’d pay the NFA tax to get an SBR version of this. The SCAR-L would appear to be another SBR. One thing I haven’t liked about the SCAR is that the folding stock look like it’s attached to a door hinge, but ugly is OK if it’s functional.

UPDATE: There’s also SHOT Business.

3 thoughts on “Even More SHOT”

  1. What I really want is a Walther TPH sized pistol with a threaded barrel.

    Hear me gun makers? Silencer makers?

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