I plan on using my tax refund to buy another black rifle.   The trouble is, I won’t be getting until after BAG day is over.  I’m also not sure what I want to get.   I’d really like a Robinson Arms XCR, but I don’t want to buy one sight unseen, and I don’t know anyone who is selling one or has one.  I got to try the SIG 556 at NRA and liked the feel of it.  I might also wait for the FN SCAR to come onto the civilian market and see about that.

2 thoughts on “BAG Day”

  1. Tax Day isn’t until tomorrow, due to a federal holiday, so I assumed BAG Day was also tomorrow.

  2. I scored big this year. A…well used Taurus Pt92, but the best part is the 5 hi-caps that came with it.

    Five. That’s five tears that Nancy Pelosi should cry, if she’s not too busy undermining US foreign policy.

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