SHOT Show Coverage

Ahab has a summary of his first day at SHOT, which includes such fine guns as the KRISS Super V Vector Carbine. I would very much want one of those, except I’m hoping they sell barrels that would allow for conversion to an SBR. I’ll pay the NFA tax to have a shorter barrel. He also has some pictures of The Smith & Wesson “Night Guard”, which is a new line of carry revolvers, which look interesting. I’ve been thinking about one of their Airlight revolvers for coat carry, but one of these might do nicely.

Gun Pundit is running the SHOT coverage of several new EBRs. Check out the SIG 556 SWAT, the KRISS Super V Submachine gun, the Arsenal Miller Receiver AK, and the most interesting gun to me, the Magpul Masada, which will be made by Bushmaster, and sold as the Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle). It’s available in second quarter 2008, which is handy, since that’ll be before the elections, where, since so many gun owners seem intent to stay home, the Democrats will take the White House, and sweep more Democrats into Congress. Hopefully the 2010 Assault Weapons Ban will have a grandfather clause too.

2 Responses to “SHOT Show Coverage”

  1. Linoge says:

    You have to give Magpul credit – they chose a killer of a name. That said, I know next to nothing about AR15/M16 manufacturers… has Bushmaster had that many problems in the past? Not sure if I will ever be in the market for a poodleshooter, since I already have my EBR, but if my replacement computer is not as expensive as I am thinking it will be, or if I suddenly get a rather substantial windfall… hey, it looks like good gun! :)

  2. Murdoc says:

    Hey, thanks for the link!

    As for the Magpul/Bushmaster deal, until now everyone has been saying “Yeah, Magpul has a decent weapon. But they’ll never be able to manufacture it in numbers.” Now that they found someone to produce the thing, everyone is down on the particular selection. Sure, some folks aren’t terribly thrilled with Bushmaster, but I don’t see any reason to get all up in arms about it. At least not until the production guns hit the shelves and we can look at them and try them out.