I Like

Looks like Ruger has a new subcompact out for the concealed carry market.

Read more coverage at Down Range TV. I have large hands, so subcompact pistols have never felt right in my hands. My regular carry piece is a Glock 19, which works great for appeasing my shooter side, by cramps my fashion sense, since the way you can dress is limited when you carry something that big. I am eager to take a closer look at this pistol, especially as summer approaches.

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  1. BillH says:

    It looks like a Kel-Tec but much nicer finish. It’s nice looking. I’ll be interested to hear if it’s a big enough improvement to make me swap out the Kel-Tec I bought for summer carry here in SW Idaho. I agree Sebastian, it’s tough to conceal a Glock when it’s 100 degrees out.

  2. Bruce says:

    I’m hereby interested.

  3. Rob says:

    Looks pretty neat. I wonder if it is going to priced like a kel-tec or like a rohrbaugh.

  4. Laughingdog says:

    The specs on the Ruger page list an MSRP of $330. I think I may check one of these out as well. I’ve wanted a pocket .380 for a while, but just couldn’t bring myself to buy a Kel-tec.

  5. Breda says:

    darn it – a 380! I was so hoping they’d come out with a compact 9mm.

  6. Bruce says:

    I’m with you Breda. Though, I’ll likely grab one of these if it feels good in my hands.

  7. chris says:

    i picked up my new SR-9 today… 200 rounds without a hitch, man that thing shoots nice… ill be putting up a review/range report on my blog later this evening

  8. Sebastian says:

    E-mail me when you get it done. That’s worth a link.

  9. Jim W says:

    Man, that IS a P3AT. Though if they managed to tame the recoil or make it easier to shoot accurately I would probably pick one up. I do like my P3AT though. It has been flawless for quite a few years now and I carry it everywhere.

  10. I’ve got the same problem and carry a Glock 21. I’ll have to run to the gun shop and check it out.

  11. Ahab says:

    It is really small. Think kel tec small. Actually, it does look a lot like a Kel-tec.

  12. Bitter says:

    I think these thoughts from Michael Bane are interesting in regards to what we can expect with upcoming coverage on it:

    Here’s an interesting disconnect between the gun press and the Real World. Yesterday I talked to several Powers That Be in the gun mag business. One of the big questions was what did I think of the little Ruger LCP .380. I waxed enthusiastic about the little blaster for all the obvious reasons…light, built like a small tank, incredibly attractive pricing ($330 MSRP), etc.

    I got some raised eyebrows. “But Michael,” said one P-T-B, “a .380? Big whoop.” NOT A 1911! NOT A BATTLE RIFLE! Well, for most people, people who aren’t paid to carry a gun every day, it is a big whoop. A lot of us have said repeatedly that the key to carrying a gun is carrying a gun…every single time you’re out of the house. That is harder than one might think…its so easy to not put that on that gunbelt, load in the Glock or 1911, etc. when you’re gdoing to the convenience store or running out to walk the doggie. For people in the Real World, the Ruger LCP makes carrying being safe a lot easier, and it puts effective self-defense with a quality gun from a company with an undeniable reputation for quality and durability within reach of a lot more people.

    For all intents and purposes, with modern ammuntion the .380 is the equivalent of the much beloved .38 Special in small J-frame revolvers — in a smaller and lighter package. Let me put it this way…yesterday I ordered one of the little Rugers for me for test & evaluation…I also ordered one for my Sweetie’s purse.

  13. John says:

    Wow, is Ruger going to have to pay royalties to Kel-Tec for that?

    Does Ruger know that people might actually use this for protection (shoot someone)?

    Is anyone surprised it’s $100 more than a Kel-Tec? I still might buy one.

  14. SteVe says:

    $100 more than a Kel-Tec? The list price for a blued P3AT is $324 while the Ruger MSRP is $330.

    I too am pleasantly surprised Ruger is selling a pistol clearly geared for civilian concealed carry. More competition in this area can only lead to more innovation & better firearms. If I didn’t already own a P32 & PF9 I might consider it.

  15. kaveman says:

    I like the nice clean profile. I’d be more interested if I hadn’t just bought a PPK for summer carry.

  16. Nill says:

    John, as SteVe said, the MSRP is essentially the same and it’ll probably retail the same too.

    And for anyone talking about royalties or licensing, kel-tec doesn’t hold a single patent for any of their guns. All of their designs are derivatives of earlier guns and wouldn’t stand up to a patent challenge even if they filed for one.

  17. John says:

    John, as SteVe said, the MSRP is essentially the same and it’ll probably retail the same too.

    Ahh, bad news for Kel-Tec.

    I’ve never actually look at MSRP on a Kel-Tec. I was thinking the P3AT was retailing for $260ish.

    I didn’t even really look when I bought my P32 or 380, but I’m pretty sure I gave $219 for .32 and $230 something for the .380. Ruger always has been a proud company so a $100 jump didn’t surprise me. My bad.

  18. I was just listening to the Down Range TV podcast a few minutes ago.