Nancy Robinson in the News Again

It’s relatively easy to keep up on the activities of anti-gun bloggers, since there are so few of them.  Remember Nancy Robinson?  Who showed up at Yearly Kos whining that lefty bloggers wouldn’t pay attention to her pet issue?  She did start a web site Where Did the Gun Come From, but it looks like it doesn’t get updated much.

She’s back in the news in Boston:

“That created a sense of urgency,” said Nancy Robinson, a Newton resident with a teenage son who will serve as the coalition’s executive director. “We needed to move ahead.”

In 1990, the year Citizens for Safety was first formed, Boston had 152 homicides, the highest number on record. The group helped create after-school programs and jobs for city teenagers. They focused on compelling gang members to get together for basketball matches. They were among several grass-roots organizations whose work with police helped lead to the so-called “Boston Miracle.”

Color me skeptical that basketball can solve violent crime, but I’ll give kudos for the effort here.   I will take issue with this, however:

Robinson said she wants the group to have a national effect and be able to pressure federal authorities to enforce gun laws and urge legislators to pass new laws that would force stricter background checks on gun purchasers.

Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis and Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who are expected to attend the announcement, said they welcome the group’s return.

“We have a new start and new emergency and renewed commitment,” Menino said.

The group’s goals do not please everyone. Andrew Arulanandam, spokesman for the National Rifle Association, said new gun laws would not be effective.

“The reason that gun control laws don’t work is that they require the cooperation of a very unlikely source, and that is the criminal,” he said. “A criminal intent on committing a robbery or assault or whatever is not hindered by that law. He will do whatever, she will do whatever to get a gun.”

Nancy Robinson’s problem is that from the early 90s until now, background checks have been instituted nationally, and Massachusetts has passed numerous gun laws.  Why did crime go down in the 90s, but it is going up now, when gun laws nationall have not substantively changed, and gun laws in Massachusetts have just gotten more strict?  Maybe it was the basketball.

7 Responses to “Nancy Robinson in the News Again”

  1. Breda says:

    The town I work in has had to get rid of all the basketball hoops in all of its parks because of crime.

  2. Mitch Lyons says:

    A great way to use basketball is not the sport itself, obviously, but what can be practiced at an early age. A bill currently underconsideration in Massachusetts is House Bill No 4479, which creates a curriculum and text for kids to use, while playing sport which has kids practicing the techniques and skills involved in non-violent behavior. These can be found easily in sport and cognitive-behavioral psychology. See for details of the bill and who is supporting it.

  3. thirdpower says:

    She also has the problem of committing “Reasoned Discourse” by deleting the overwhemling majority of comments as well as refusing to answer questions that don’t fit the typical gun grabber lexicon of desired laws.

  4. jmt says:

    Her latest blog posts recounts how a 20-year old who wasn’t legally allowed to have a gun, committed a crime.

    Rather than seeing the prima facia evidence that gun laws didn’t work, she blindly goes after someone who has committed no crime by again calling for restrictions on law-abiding persons.

  5. Bob S. says:

    While she has posted several of my comments, nothing I’ve left lately has made it through.
    I keep trying to get her to answer a few questions or perhaps engage in a dialogue, but she refuses.

    Thanks for keeping us informed on this latest.

  6. Wyatt Earp says:

    152 homicides? Friggin’ lightweights.

  7. Nick says:

    “152 homicides? Friggin’ lightweights.”

    no kidding! The mayor/city council in Baltimore would have a parade if there were 152 homicides here.