Why Philadelphia Can’t Control Its Criminals

When they do catch people, and prosecute them, under the laws we have against straw purchasing, they don’t get any real punishment. Yet they scream louder and louder every year at Harrisburg that they need more laws they won’t enforce. How are more laws going to help when they aren’t even using the ones they already have?

5 thoughts on “Why Philadelphia Can’t Control Its Criminals”

  1. The thing that gets me is the woman in the story bought a gun for a known criminal who used it in a murder in exchange for money to support her drug habit but she avoided any real punishment because she is the caretaker for five children!

    WTF??? The kids are left in the house of a confessed drug addict who makes money buying guns for gang bangers? This case just sums up everything that’s wrong with our laws, courts and child welfare system. Get those poor kids out of that god-damn house before they end up as the next generation in the state prison. Maddening!

  2. But prison would have been a HARDSHIP on the POOR woman!! Not to mention, it probably would be a real inconvenience.
    This kind of idiocy makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

  3. And I thought “Straw Perchases” were a federal crime…. My mistake… nothing to see here.. move along

  4. Last year, after a child abduction and a high-speed car chase, a Pennsylvania state trooper was shot and killed up in the Poconos by a guy whose estranged wife had an active PFA on him due to a bitter custody dispute over their son. This same guy earlier had his girlfriend from New Jersey use his address in Easton to get a Pennsylvania driver’s license for herself, just so that she could then straw purchase a Taurus 9mm for him from Cabela’s in Hamburg. While this girlfriend straw purchaser has not been to trial yet, somehow I have a feeling that she is going to get a whole lot more of a punishment than just house arrest with her criminal case than this woman in Philadelphia did.

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