AR-15 Controversey in Duncannon

Man, I’m glad I’m not a cop in this town.  Apparently the fact that the police department purchased two AR-15 rifles is quite the controversy.  Officers should really have a decent carbine in their patrol cars in addition to shotguns, and the AR-15 is a fine platform for law enforcement use.

7 thoughts on “AR-15 Controversey in Duncannon”

  1. Rifles? Oh my…

    “We don’t want the police to have them…ergo…we SURE don’t want other civiliains to have them.”

  2. Gang members have proven to be the least responsible gun possessors in the nation. Are we sure we want this gang armed at all?

  3. Where citizens have the authority to make “citizens arrests”, what purpose do the police serve?

  4. There is no blanket authority known as “citizens arrest”. You’re treading on dangerous ground there. Under most state laws people have the power to use force to detain someone who they’ve witnessed committing a felony. Misdemeanors and lesser offenses are different matters entirely depending on the state.

    Citizens get no qualified immunity, so it’s very very risky for ordinary people to do.

  5. This is what happens when we elect linguini-spined people to represent us, regardless of level of government. I wonder if criminals will also lock away their rifles while the “dispute” is resolved.

  6. “The cost was $1,599.90 for the rifles and $138.45 for two cases of ammunition”

    i wanna know where i can get ammo that cheap!!!

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