3 thoughts on “Dummies like this …”

  1. I don’t think my state will be enacting shall-issue anytime soon. We just have too many damn anti-gun politicians here, and the state is heavily Democratic.(~65% – 35%) We also have alot of anti’s who’ve moved here from NJ and MD. Of course we have anti’s on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats. (look at Mike Castle)

    I wrote my local reps last time shall-issue came up for vote and Deborah Hudson was the only one to respond. She was the one who introduced it in the 1st place. That and the head of the Delaware State Police came out publicly against the bill.

  2. It’s a tough state to crack, and you also have the problem that in Kent and Sussex Counties, you can get a license pretty easily if you’re willing to jump through the hoops. My understanding is that even in New Castle County, they aren’t all that difficult to get.

    If you can get it through the legislature, Minner will probably sign it. Probably not soon though.

  3. Not too difficult, but they’re expensive once you’ve gone through the whole process. The training reqs are more stringent, not like FL or UT where a hunter safety or Basic NRA course is all you need. That and the publication requirement is a PITA. The News Journal is really the only paper that has the circulation to qualify in NCC and they charge ~$80.

    They don’t usually turn down applicant’s like some “may issue” states, but they do often hold up applications if they deem your “explanation of need” insufficient. Depending on their mood that day “for protection of self, family and friends” is often an insufficient reason. That is exactly why we need shall-issue here in DE.

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