Meme: Law Enforcement is on the Side of the Anti-Gunners

Or not. The man largely responsible for transforming NRA into a political machine was a Border Patrol Agent. There are former law enforcement officers in high-ranking positions in NRA currently, and a recent President had a law enforcement background.

11 thoughts on “Meme: Law Enforcement is on the Side of the Anti-Gunners”

  1. “The man largely responsible for transforming NRA into a political machine was a Border Patrol Agent. ”

    Who was this?

    “and a recent President had a law enforcement background.”

    Who was this?

  2. How about NRA board member Joaquin Jackson? His term is up next year and he needs to be retired by the membership.

  3. LOLWUT?!

    There are so many “professional police” groups that actively lobby against pro-gun provisions as to make listing them superfluous. Seriously.

    How about, say…. FOP? when has FOP fulfilled their promise to the pro-gun community to support nationwide concealed carry, or reciprocity? Their lobbyists were beating the drum for passage of LEOSA and promising they would back reciprocity for permit holders. Still waiting.

    Statewide sheriff’s associations, chiefs of police organizations, and the list goes on.

    1. The FOP’s silence on pro-gun bills is quite helpful. When we’ve gone toe to toe against the FOP, we’ve generally lost. Either way, surveys of rank and file show that police officers generally support gun rights. Actually, most I’ve seen suggest officers overwhelmingly support gun rights.

      I mean, most of the major churches in the US support gun control. Doesn’t mean that most Methodists or Presbyterians are anti-gun.

      1. So it’s not a meme then.

        As far as so called “rank and file surveys”, maybe 3 or 4 years ago that meme would’ve been credible but the prevalence of youtube & other video’d encounters paints a different picture. Websites like & police one show a pretty different picture too. The NPS ranger lodge, fed. LEO groups, state & local police or LE groups routinely oppose RKBA advancement at all levels. The rank and file have control over a lot of these groups and do nothing. When these groups come out and oppose a solid RKBA advancement, again the members sit silent and do nothing.

        Remember, Law Enforcement officers are just as good at playing fast and loose with the truth as politicians are. In many cases they are paid, professional liars. Undercover work is all about lying. Telling you on the side of the road that you can’t have a warning because is a lie. If it were true, there would be no “professional courtesy”. Just because police officers, LE or Feds say they “strongly support the 2nd Amendment” tells us nothing. What they do, or don’t do is what counts and right now that is… nothing.

        They don’t support us generally, oppose us quite frequently and their professional lobbies with very few exceptions strongly oppose any defense of, or advancement of the RKBA.

        So yes, by and large the paid LE professionals do oppose us by their actions and acquiesence to their paid lobbyist positions.

  4. There are 80,000 plus members of the NRA who are cops. Thats allot of bacon putting their money up to support 2A.

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