The 5 Millionth 10/22

It can be yours on GunBroker.  Current price is at $6200.00.

The 5,000,000th Ruger 10-22 was presented to the 4-H Shooting Program by Ruger President Steve Sanetti to help raise support and awareness of this vital program that provides 300,000 youths shooting instruction and opportunity each year.  Following the presentation, the rifle was turned over to the Ruger Custom Shop for further enhancements, resulting in one of the finest 10-22’s ever made.

Go take a look.  It’s certainly the nicest looking 10/22 I’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “The 5 Millionth 10/22”

  1. That is a pretty 10-22. But think of all the ammo for your other guns you could buy with that money.

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