Victory Tears

TD notices that polling shows Hillary’s tears yesterday seems to have really helped her among women, and opines “Why are you people allowed to vote, again?”  I think he means Democrats rather than women, but I have to tell you, I have no faith in the future of this country if this is what we base our voting decisions on.

What have we become?

2 thoughts on “Victory Tears”

  1. personally I think going from hard, tough, mean, I can take it woman to crybaby shows emotional instability. I don’t want an emotionally unstable President.

  2. What have we become?

    I repeat my oft-made contention:

    Most of humanity desires no higher a calling than slavery and spend most of their energies attempting to achieve that status for themselves…unfortunately, they also do a great job of achieving that status for the minority who have no such ambitions.

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