But I’m a Girl!

Breda takes Hillary to task for her excuses about her debate performance.  I’ve honestly never been able to understand Hillary’s appeal to women.  I’ve heard more than a few women say they’ll vote for her because she’s a woman and a feminist.

She’s a woman who’s made her political career riding on her much more politically talented husband’s coattails, while other women were busy riding other parts of Bill.  Someone explain to me what’s feminist about that?

6 thoughts on “But I’m a Girl!”

  1. My wife has used a word to describe Hillary that she would slap me for using under any circumstances. She doesn’t appeal to all women, just the weak ones with logic disconnects.

    Thank God I am married to a real woman. One nobody can walk on, and one nobody can fool, no matter their pathetic mewlings.

  2. I think some of the early feminist leaders had powerful husbands…

    Plus, there’s that haircut.

  3. Now I find the title feminist to be as insulting and broad based as some other titles I dare not use here for risk of bring down the PC police on my head.

    I’m in a 98% all male profession. I’m damn good at it. I can handle a weapon, bowhunt, pilot a plane, field dress a deer, put up a tree stand, and fix most things that break that don’t involve wiring. I bought my own home, pay my own bills and only run screaming from spiders and Ted Kennedy. But you better not EVER try and pay me less for the same work or talk to me like I’m an idiot or a lesser classed citizen because I’m female.

    But I like to stay home and cook and bake and putter around the house and yes. . spoil my guy (well if I have one around). The feminists hate that. OMG. . she’s “WAITING ON HIM! ” “She’s GIVING HIM A FOOT RUB”. LIBERATE that poor thing!!”

    No thanks. I’m quite happy this way.

    And I think Hillary is a complete idiot that would be doing personal bankruptcy law in Toad Suck, Arkansas if she hadn’t stayed married to Bill.

  4. Scully, if I ever need protection I’m coming to you. Seriously, I really envy you the pilot thing. I can’t pass the physical, they don’t let people with dying hearts fly them, not even if they can bring their own boxcutter. Seriously, I couldn’t be any more dangerous than is the TSA, but I have wandered far afield here.

    I meant to say I have been to Toad Suck, Ar. and Hillary would starve to death there. The residents are particular about with whom they do business .

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