Be Nice to the Ladies

Syd has an excellent take on the video circulating of the girl smacking herself int he face with a recoiling Desert Eagle.

2 Responses to “Be Nice to the Ladies”

  1. Ride Fast says:

    […SIH points to this spot on commentary by Syd on the “DE meets face” video.”]

  2. KathyH says:


    I didn’t watch the video, but WTF?!?!

    Granted, when I was 16 and 125lbs one of the family friends and I liked to go out and have me shot his shotgun first and then hand it off to the “unsuspecting” male that had come along. Watching me fire it and not flinching/moving a whole lot would lull them into a false sense of “oh, it’s not that bad”

    Things to be noted include the fact that we would tell them that it kicked like a mo-fo and the guys were always those that had been out shooting before so it wasn’t their first time.